Why sponsor?

Dreamforce is one of the premier events in the world and sponsors receive unrivaled access to the Salesforce community to amplify their amazing brand, services and solutions.

What sponsors are eligible for Pioneer and Innovator opportunities?

Pioneer and Innovator opportunities are available by approval only and inventory is limited so if interested submit your request from a contact form on this website.

What changes can be expected given the new Dreamforce sponsorship format?

The new model will be applied to Strategic Events for 2020 and as of this year Pioneer and Innovator sponsors of Dreamforce have the opportunity to sign a multi-year agreement.

How does a multi-year agreement format for Pioneer and Innovator sponsors at Dreamforce impact my business?

It means these sponsors will have the opportunity to secure their place at other Strategic Events at and beyond Dreamforce 2019 before they open to the general public.

Contract Process

What do you need in order for me to move forward?

We need a signed Order Form and Master Sponsorship Agreement (see here) per the dates and times below.

What happens if we submit an Order Form but don't yet have a Master Sponsorship Agreement on file?

We will not accept the date or time of an Order Form submission if a completed Master Sponsorship Agreement isn't on file.

When are you accepting contracts?

We will accept completed paperwork starting on Tuesday, June 25 at 9am PST for Groundbreaker, Navigator, Explorer, Salesforce.org and Trailhead Area sponsors.

What about accepting contracts for Pioneer and Innovator sponsors?

Pioneer sponsors will be managed separately and we will accept completed paperwork, Order Form and Master Sponsorship Agreement, starting on Tuesday, July 16 at 9am PST for Innovator sponsors.

Booth Selection

How does booth selection work?

Your opportunity to select your booth is based on the day and time Salesforce receives your completed paperwork at which point you're placed in ranking order for selection.

Does a document exist where I can track my booth selection placement?

No document exists to track where you stand in the booth selection process.

When will we know it's our turn to select our booth?

Your extended sponsorship team will reach out to the logistics contact noted on your Order Form when it's your turn to select.

How can we see where other sponsors are positioned on the show floor?

Once your sponsorship is confirmed and the floor plan is ready you will be able to access these details via the interactive booth map in the Exhibitor Resource Center.

What happens to my placement if I choose to upgrade my sponsorship?

You will be placed at the bottom of the selection list for your new level at the time you provide signed paperwork for the upgrade.

Floor Plan

Why are you changing the floor plan?

We can't wait to be more integrated with our sponsors to create a truly experiential environment for attendees that demonstrates the power of us showing up together.

What industries do you expect the floor plan to be oriented around?

Financial Services, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Retail & Consumer Goods and Manufacturing and possibly others.

What personas do you expect the floor plan to be oriented around?

Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce and Platform and possibly others.

When will the floor plan be released?

We will release the floor plan no later than August.

Are there any other changes I should know about?

Partner theaters will no longer exist as a separate space and instead all theaters will be fully immersed into Salesforce experiences.

Meeting Room Selection

What will be different about meeting rooms?

Meeting rooms will be in a new and amazing dedicated space inside Moscone.

Can you tell me more about this amazing meeting center?

Sure! It will be a proper meeting destination with a concierge desk, seating area and staff to ensure you and your guests have a seamless experience.

How will meeting room selection work?

Meeting room locations and hours will be assigned by level first and then based on your position in the booth selection process.


Are there kiosk opportunities available in Lodges?

Kiosks will no longer be available in Lodges as we're excited to create a central destination for all attendees to experience sponsor kiosks in Moscone South.

What are you doing in the Lodges instead?

Lodges will transform into integrated activations with custom sponsorships as appropriate.

Will executive roundtables and content still be held in Lodges?

We expect these spaces to remain a destination for hosting executive roundtables and sessions.


Where will Dreamfest take place?

Dreamfest will take place at Oracle Park pending final confirmation.

What date will Dreamfest be?

Dreamfest is expected to be on Wednesday, November 20 with the date subject to artist availability.

What other changes are taking place for Dreamfest?

We're expanding our access to Dreamfest for sponsors - check back here for more details soon!

Do you have pre-party partnership opportunities available for Dreamfest?

We have venues and some fun ideas too so if interested in exploring submit your interest via a contact form on this website.